How to Mend A Broken Heart #1

My future darling daughter,

You will know many kinds of love in your lifetime. There will be two loves that stand out; the love of your parents and the love of your special one. I hope your father and I will give you enough love to brave the world.

The heart is a fragile thing. When you are braving this world, you’ll find the love that could bring you to paradise and drag you through hell. You will wonder if true love ever exists. You will even begin to question the existence of love. When you have your heart broken, come home to my embrace. I will make you hot chocolate. We will break open a tub of your favourite ice-cream (preferably double chocolate or salted caramel) and watch a marathon of horror movies to distract the shock and pain out of your system. We will dance ourselves silly to the greatest hits. I will cook you wonderful meals (I’m so sorry I don’t have recipes to heal heartbroken soul) and let you lie on the couch all day long. We will travel to beautiful destinations, drink cool cocktails and look at sunsets so you could restore your faith in love and humanity.

With all the love that your father and I give to you, I hope you’ll learn to be strong. There will be days when you feel like falling apart. Moments will seem eternity and you will wonder when the hurt will ever go away. You will cry, or maybe not. Whatever it may be, learn to forgive others and forgive yourself, all in your own time. It might take days, it might take weeks or even months but you’ll learn to move on. You’ll learn that the world is not as scary as it seems. Let not the world hardens your heart. Your heart can be mend, even if you have to do it all by yourself. Your father and I will always be there for you. All the clichés you know will soon be your mantra. Listen to it. Pick out the words that could help you heal and hold it close to your heart.

Trust me when I said that you are your mother’s child. You are stronger than you think.

Many love, hugs and bunny kisses,
Your future Mama

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